Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Zone Attacks! Attack and Defensive tips

Maybe you have heard of them, maybe you haven’t. A zone attack is when a group from one zone, attacks the next zone over, either the north or the south. It’s when all hell breaks loose, and one zone suffers immensely. If the zone attacks in retaliation onto the zone which attacked them, then the zone is alerted and they decimate the retaliating base.

This wasn’t the entire zone gathering, and I can assure you, that more came later. But it’s an indication of what can happen when a normally peaceful zone gets together and decides to attack another.

So here’s a few tips for both sides of a zone attack…


Attack everything and everyone. Attack every level fleet which is out, and attack every base which is nearby in your range (above or below 5 levels).

If you are attacked, let people know in zone chat who attacked you and their coords.

If you are attacked in the week following, let your alliance know, so that they can hit them over and over to teach them a lesson.


If you see one of these attacks coming in, have someone put a bubble on you immediately, then start attacking the fleets attacking. If you don’t have a friend which can do it, pay for a 24 hour bubble
You can get right next to a fleet which is attacking someone else, and wait for them to leave combat. Once they do, instantly attack them. If they are weakened you might be able to grab resources or at least wipe out their fleet.

If you have no one near you, which will bubble you, then go ahead and move your base. Goto your Outpost and select Relocate. You can move in the zone, to a random spot, or out of the zone temporarily.

If you are feeling adventurous and are online when they are attacking, go down and attack their bases. They will be mostly undefended. Just remember to move your base once you finish attacking them.

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