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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - When to mix weapons on ships

In Battle Pirates, there are only a couple times you should be mixing weapons on any ship. The first is when you are first starting out, and haven’t learned the benefits of Microing. Microing, is when you take control of each ship, rather then letting the AI do it for you, because we all know the AI sends them straight to their doom… or rare occasional victory.

If I let a fleet simply use the AI, and send it to take on a level 5 salvage with my 3 Levis and 2 BBs, then I will beat them as I am outgunning them. However, I will likely lose 1-2 ships. This is because the AI does not do what I do, which is to send the long ranges on either side, and the short range down the middle among their fleets which have long range and not short range. This is the consequence of having unmixed weapons.

The same thing can happen to you, if you have unmixed weapons and are guarding your base with a fleet. This is the second time you want to mix weapons, that is to say when you are afk and guarding your base. Why? Because those microing tactics won’t work. You try to send your long range fleets to either side and your short range down the middle, and soon find that the enemy grouped ships can take them both on. Your only advantage might be that they don’t use missile based weapons and have instead mortars (which don’t follow your ships).

Other then these 2 incidents, it’s much safer to have all the same weapons, or similar weapons on your ships. So I could have mixed mortars if I wanted, but missile and mortars isn’t a good combo. If you have an AI controlling, even a small amount, then the mortars will be used, and the missiles won’t be used. So a better choice would be all missiles or all mortars – though if you aren’t attacking other bases then you want to stay away from mortars, because the enemy is going to move towards you, making the mortars useless. Instead we want all missiles or short range weapons when taking on the AI Draconian enemy. This might be Thuds and Rippers for short range and some type of Missile based for long range. You can see the DPS of each fleet weapons, to compare here.

Overall, until you can train Maelstrom Rockets 4, then Ripper Cannons are going to do the most DPS short range. For long range, you will want to progress from Rapiers to Cutlass missiles. Don’t forget your Barrel Extenders and Engines for short Range, and Auto-Loaders for your long range.

TIP: If you plan to refit your ships, do one weapon at a time, don’t do a massive all at once upgrade. It won’t save you any time, and takes that one ship out of commission for a long time. Instead upgrade sporadically so that your ship will again be available every couple hours. If you plan to be afk for a few days then it’s a safe bet to do an all at once upgrade. 

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