Saturday, 21 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Alliances

An alliance is a group of players working together. The best way to form an alliance is to follow these 5 easy steps.
1. Recruitment, use the in game chat to recruit those in your sector or recruit from the forum.
2. Basic set up, now you have the players all you need is a group page to organise it all so make a Facebook group. Make sure that the group is locked to avoid spies from seeing what is going on in your group.
3. Organising, create a document in the group for a member list so you don’t accidently attack each other and you know who is friend or foe. You might also want to make other documents for things like member lists of rival alliances or a hit list.
4. Communication, use the group chat to talk to each other instead of the in game chat so that people don’t know what you are either talking about or planning. One main use of this could be to organise a mass attack on an enemy group or player.
5. Helping each other, you should all try to help each other when possible so that they will help you back when you need it. Share ideas ship weapons and armor combinations or base designs to encourage others to do likewise and to show what works well so that all of your alliance can improve their bases, ships and skill.

People being inactive can be the death of an alliance as it will slowly start to fall apart since no one is there to help out or to talk to. Try to remove inactive players from the alliance and replace them with new ones to keep it growing stronger. You might want to keep a member limit as if there is too many members then you might not be able to control them all and there will be less people to attack.

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