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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Tips and Tricks

Hiding fleets
It is possible to hide fleets under a base, lvl9 metal or zynthium mine. Here is how you hide a fleet. First send a fleet to go straight over the base or mine you wish to hide it behind. As soon as the fleet is behind it just click to attack it and the fleet will stop right behind the base/mine. If it is a base then you can just click retreat to avoid battle while that isn’t possible with a mine.

There are a few reasons for wanting to do this such as when attacking a base you won’t be able to move your fleet away straight after the attack which makes it the perfect time for someone to ninja you. (The BYM ninja is now in BP!) So hiding your fleet under the base you are attacking means that no one can attack your fleet while it is under the base. That means you can safely attack without the risk of someone attacking you straight afterwards. Another reason for hiding a fleet behind a base is that when your fleet is 40mins away from your base and you need to keep it in that area for later but you won’t be online for awhile, to avoid it being attacked you could just hide it. It can also be used when guarding your base to hide a guard fleet so that the attacker won’t know about it until its too late.
Hiding fleets under mines doesn’t really help miners but it can give a fleet raider the element of surprise. Simply hide the fleet then wait for a miner to come along and start mining, when you think the mining fleet is almost full just attack it.

DP exploitation 
Now this is kind of cheating but still a lot of people do it. You can gain 48hrs of DP meaning that your base can’t get attacked for 2 days but getting a friend to attack your base and retreat, after 4 times you will get 1 hour of DP so you will have to attack someone else (most likely your friend to give him 48hrs of DP as well) to get rid of the DP, keep doing this until you have 48hrs of DP. If you are doing this with a friend then one of you will get 48hrs DP while the other will have had 9 attacks so just one more from anyone trying to attack him/her will give him 48hrs DP.

Free FB credits.
There is such thing as free facebook credits which can be gained from the site by doing a daily search and quiz. Please be warned that using it only for free FB credits isn't what it's about and the rewards are really given out just because you are using 4loot instead of Google or any other search engine. 

Credit card users.
Yes they do ruin a lot of peoples gaming experiance but without them the game won't be freee to play or even made to begin with. Usually they don't play much and just use FB credits to progress in the game so most of the time they lack skill (please note not all do). Having one bulling you isn't the end of BP as there are many things to do to fight back, this includes spamming marauder fleets using the free 5min repair so that you end up killing their FF fleets without needing long repairs. Also you could form alliances and even for a CC user having loads of small BB or marauder fleets can be annoying and drive them away from attacking or going near you and your allies. Since most (not all) CC users lack skill you could always try kiting them or using strategy to beat them using a lessor fleet so more repairs for them and less for you.

BP= Battle Pirates, or more recently Blue Prints
FAQ= Frequently Asked Questions
DPS= Damage Per Second
DPM= Damage Per Minute
lvl= Level
RG= Resource Gatherer
OP= OutPost
Mar= Marauder
BB= Battle Barges
Levi= Leviathan
FF= Floating Fortress
HH= HammerHead
Dread= Dreadnought
SS= Sea Scorpion 
Armor, Weapons and Specials
DU= Depleted Uranium
Tit= Titanium
RA= Reactive Armor
AA= Ablative Armor
LA= Layered Armor
PM= Peacemaker Mortars
Cut= Cutlass
RC or Rippers= Ripper Cannons
DM, Dip or diplo= Diplomat Mortars 
HB= Hardened Barrels
AL= Auto-Loader
EU or Engine= Engine Upgrade
GS= Guidance Scrambler
LT= Laser Targeting

Salvo= A salvo is a volley of shot fired each time the weapon reloads. For sentinels the salvo is 2 so it will fire two shots every time it reloads. Another important thing is that the damage is split between the shots in the salvo.

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