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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - A guide to the specials

Since some people seem to be getting a bit confused with the effects of these new specials, so here is a short guide explaining them.
You can only have one type of each equiped at a time and that doesn't just mean only one Reactive armor but only one of any of the armors.

Reactive armor.
This only effects the weight of the armor and not the weapons.
A ship equiped with this will take less damage from missiles so its the best special to use for a base attacking fleet since almost all bases still have mostly sentinel missiles even with the new victory mortars. It will also be good for fleet battles as people will still have alot of cutlass levi until they replace them with thud and HB III.

Ablative Armor
Again, only effects armor weight.
Less damage from mortars will help a lot but mortars are mainly used for base attacks, then it could also be used against maelstrom or hydra but with the other specials it is now easier to kite short range weapons so this can be ruled out for fleet battles as un-needed. It might be best used against the new victory mortars but since you can only have one armor its up to you which one you choose.

Layered Armor
The last of the ones effecting only armor.
Now this one is for added protection against rippers and thuds which aren't a common weapon choice as they can be easily be dealt with by use of cut kiting making a lot of players switch to cutlass themselves. That might not have happened in your sector yet but it has in the first ones and will spread.

Guidance Scrambler
This effects the total weight.
It will increase the evade of a ship but I think its a bit pointless for the bigger ships which have -40% evade or more so even with the lvl3 guidance scrambler they will still be in the minus. It might be usefull for the smaller ships to make them better at fighting the larger ships which with the inaccuracy of high lvl cutlass and the evade the small ships have, they won't be getting hit by much at all.
It only effects the ability to evade missiles, not the other weapons.

Electronic Range Finder
This one I'm not sure about myself for a few reasons. I'm not too keen less spread as I've always like mortars for there spread that allowed them to hit a bigger range of targets at once, but on bases now where defences aren't in a big group then I think having more mortars hitting the actual defence you want instead of all those near it will be better.

Engine Upgrade
Another one which effects the total weight.
It increase the speed of the ship but will it be enough to make much of a difference? Yes it will with the new lvl3 and I can see that everyone with short range weapons will be wanting this straight away as with it they can move fast getting closer up and under the minimum range of long range weapons. Short range weapons could soon replace the long range weapons as best or it could even it up.
I think that it having 2 different negative effects might be too much for me to use on my big long range already inaccurate ships but I'm sure it will pay off for the smaller or short ranged ships.
This with the reactive/layered armor could be the perfect combination for being able to run past base defences.

Enhanced Warhead
This is always a welcomed special for any cutlass fleet as the missiles don't do much damage. This will be a big improvement that allows any missile to try and take back the place of 'best kiting weapon' from the thud and hardened barrel combination, atleast for lower lvls. 

Its the last one to effect total weight.
This one has 2 good effects with it not only increasing the turning speed but also the evade.
I think it would be used best with the guidance scrambler to give a big amount of evade other than turning speed itself. It could also be used with the engine so that you could turn and run a lot faster.
I don't really care much about the turning speed but it seems alot more important now in battles where ever second turning is a second wasted.

Now this one only increases the weight of the weapons for the negative effect.
Please note that the fire rate increase only effects rippers and cannons but all weapons are effected by the weight increase.
The amount of weapon weight increase is a lot, so you might have to use lower lvl weapons with the auto-loader on some of the smaller ships but that doesn't matter as with a 120% increase in fire rate, lower lvl weapons with the auto-loader can be much more powerful than the higher lvl weapons on their own.

Hardened Barrels
Again it only effects the weapon weight and I would also like to stress that it only effects the range of rippers and thuds and Not peacemakers.
With this rippers will no longer be the shortest ranged weapon and with the lvl3 hardened barrels thuds now outrange cutlass missiles and diplomat mortars with being only 6 range shorter than PM giving them the second biggest range and making them the new best kiting weapon (as long as you have HB3). This combined with Auto-loader can be deadly.

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