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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Building a better base

When it comes to this game, there is no best design, they can all be wrecked eventually, by a cunning force, with superior ships and microing skills. The best we can do, is to protect our most valuable resources, as best we can.

What are the most Valuable resources? The base and warehouses are your most valuable resources. It isn’t the mines, it isn’t your research platforms and ship building site. Rather it’s the warehouses which hold your resources, and your Outpost which takes a long time to rebuild. The rest of the crap isn’t worth much, because we can click on them and instantly heal them for free, in most cases. What might have been a 1-2 hour repair time, could end up being 15 minutes, if you build your base right, and protect certain assets.

Some people build one big island, and hope that the enemy won’t be able to reach them. Others build mazes, in the hopes of slowing down the enemy forces. Heck, I even tried a moat blocking inlets with oil rigs! Unfortunately, with mortar fire, the enemy simply takes out the guns sitting in the gauntlet and slowly moves in, to destroy the base and warehouses. 

So whats the perfect base design? As I stated, there isn’t any. However, using our knowledge of what weapons can do, as well as their reach, can help up to design a better trap.

The first thing you need to understand, is that a gun on a pedestal, can easily be taken down, when they are spread out, even if they are spaced evenly. The reason for this, is long range mortar fire. Now a buddy of mine told me that some guns, you can get right under and be out of LOS (Line of Sight) of the gun, and then take it out. While good in theory, it’s a bit difficult to actually achieve – getting under that gun’s range that is. 

So ignore the range limitations, when you are near the gun. Instead, what we want to do, is focus our energy at making the warehouses not only the farthest from any possible gun, but also placing walls around them and then also fortifying them. With the walls, we actually surround each one separately, and then fortify them. This is because we don’t want any splash damage. If you have your warehouses directly next to each other, and then also one wall surrounding them, when the one goes down, so will the rest. In fact, when one goes down, due to splash damage, the others might be also down 25%-50%.

Now, I mentioned a buddy earlier. He plays almost as much as me, he’s level 26 now, but he’s been that way for a while now, and I am slowly creeping up on him. As it is, however he taught me a way to build a defense, which seems to work the best. We do this with a moat, with one inlet, and then place directly inside the inlet all of our guns. The outer moat walls protect our guns and valuables, and the incoming ship(s) will have to deal with the guns, by actually entering the inlet. By using this method, and forcing the incoming ships to then go around only one way, we can set our guns to destroy any incoming ship.

We can choose one of two gun placements, should they make it past this gauntlet. We can either, load up on the guns, and hope they don’t make it past the inlet, or we can instead cover all the sections of the water, so that every single spot they can fire from is covered by one or more guns. Either way is acceptable, but in reality remember that if they do make it past the inlet, that it’s likely a superior force which will decimate our base anyways.

This is what happens, when your enemy, can’t get to your valuables…

I had over 500k of each resource, waiting in my base. My enemy was able to scavenge a little over 7k of resources. All in all this means by design is working so far…

Note that I would actually like to wrap the 3 guns into a greater then “>” shape near that inlet, but I do not yet have the land spaces available, with only my level 3 outpost. However, using the above shape, and using the oil rigs as slow downs, I am able to defeat most same level attackers.

My next upgrades will be to upgrade all the turrets and walls, and putting some defense upgrades on those oil rigs.

Tip: If you dont have enough of the correct facing walls, put them in sideways. They might not look as pretty, but they still work as solid walls.

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  1. Walls around warehouses is not a good idea, the warehouses might be out of range of the motars, but the walls aren't. An attacker can aim the motars on the walls, and the splash damage hits the warehouses and takes them out. Walls only protect against ballistics and not many fleets rely on ballistics to hit the warehouses.