Saturday, 21 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Sea Wolf Review

Since these lovely little ships are entering their production phase in the game I've decide to start writing reviews of the one's I've built. I will try to update as new ships come online. Feel free to post your own and/or discuss, especially if you have higher level upgrades (I have everything below tier 7).

Wolf 1: Cutty

Considering the fact that this is the 1st one, I'll give some general comentary about these ships in the form of three easy to read bullet points.

1) If you like using marauders you'll like using these ships. Most of my design approach has involved outfitting them like I would a fleet of Marauders.

2) The engine option is a must. It takes the ship to a whole new level in terms of both battle and map speed.

3) Armor above all. Given that it has only one armor slot, I say anything below titanium IV is risky even with specials. I would say drop gun weight or special options before touching armor (*if anyone finds they can get repair times advantageously low please share) and DU IV repairs in 40 min. anyway.

Now this ship in particular is a duplicate of one I have already made. I find that the added manuverability and evade of thrusters outweighs using the slot for armor def. This thing can veer in and out of range very quickly, is rarely hit by mortar or missile, and anything with close range would have to be very fast to catch it. I added the scrambler 2 figuring that the "accuracy +" might offset the 9% accuracy decrease of engines. So far the weapons seem to have similar hit performance to other cut ships and the added evade is noticable in battle. As this ship develops, and the overall handling levels up, I would consider a special armor refit (most likely ablative).

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