Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Revenge Raid 2 & Base Moves now available

With the Revenge Raid 2 coming in a couple days, Battle Pirates has gone ahead and opened up Base Moves again. Should you do it? Thats a question people are wondering about. Should you move near your friends, should they move near you?

It really comes down to who has the strongest support network. For example, if I am attacked, I have 4 friends within my sector who will keep that other person in check, by attacking them. And of course the same goes for them, I will help defend their interests and attack those who attack them. If I goto my friend’s area, but he doesn’t have a strong support network, then I am going to a weaker area for me. This will in turn be a bad thing, since I am likely to be attacked several times over the next couple weeks.

Why will you be attacked in a new sector? Everyone will want to check out your base, see if you have friends, see if you are an easy farming target. 

So the next question, is should you move within your sector. The answer is simply no. If you move, you aren’t guaranteed to go with your friends, you might go farther away. If you go farther away, then it’s likely that the same scenario will take place. Nearby neighbors will start attacking you. There is a chance that the move will be severely detrimental to your defenses.

There are only a couple reasons you should move. First, you should move, if you do not have a strong support network, and your friend does have one. Also, you should move if you are constantly under attack, and aren’t able to defend yourself – because you have that weak defense network.

There is one thing which I do not know about the move… if you move will you be able to move back?

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