Saturday, 21 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Game Help

Players build up bases, harvest resources, research and build ships, then attack AI enemies (the Draconians) or player bases in other sectors to capture resources. The game is divided into sectors. This allows each player with 2 natural enemies: the players in the sector to the North and also the players in the sector to the South. Each player is placed into a sector in which all can chat with on the Comms. This allows for the entire sector to communicate with each other, a natural alliance of its own. Players can not communicate with players in other sectors, this makes each sector need to defend themselves from these 2 enemies; The dreaded players in the North sector and the hated players in the South sector. 

Pirating within your own sector does occur sometimes but is very often discouraged. Skirmishes occur over the Mines and Salvage ships as players scrounge for needed resources. Conflicts within sector are often smoothed out quickly as the common bond for each player within a sector to work together and defend each other is stronger than some silly argument over some resources. 
As one player stated: "Why would I want to make more enemies? I have more than enough enemies attacking me from the North and South. To crap in my own backyard and lose a potential ally is just plain stupid." 

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