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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Mining Method, a guide

If you chose the option to build ships and mine you must realize the risks. You could easily lose all of the resources you have. Luckily this way is much more rewarding than farming. This way there is much more risky but has much more rewards. Now, let’s start off. You will be still stuck in your base for a while so don’t get your hopes up. First research gun boat hull, iron 1, and Thud Cannon 1. Build at least 5 of these ships. Put them in your fleet and then go outside. Go explore however you want until, at least you have found a lvl 8 or more of each resource within 5 min of your base. Then take your fleet to the resource that you have the least of. Preferably go to a lvl 5 under because if you take a big mine the big guys who use them might go and crush your fleet for fun. Click on the capture button. Then when you see the black flag appear over it click on it and click on load mine. Then recall your fleet and there you have it; you have mined your first mine and gained your first resources. This feels very rewarding. I call this method the Mining method. 

After you have started mining get enough resources to upgrade your academy. That will give you another fleet. Then build 5 more gunboats and start mining with them. Now you have a dilemma. Do you want to save up for another hull, or another weapon, or another armor, or do you want to upgrade your town hall, or do you want to upgrade your resource producers to pull in more. Before you start getting into something big I would recommend upgrading your resource silo to allow you to hold more resources. Some upgrades will be too expensive for your resource silos to hold. From here on out you have a lot of decisions to make. I can’t say much about you. If you like to battle then you need more armor and weapons. If you are a resource mongol you need to have better hulls to load more resources. Well now you have to keep getting resources, upgrading your fleet, battling others, upgrading your buildings, upgrading your resource producers (don’t forget about them) and lvl up. Have fun!

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