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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Guide: lvl6 salvages

Warning: this might not work with a single levi anymore because of the changes to the salvages, if you find that it doesn't then just use 3 PM ships and 2 cutlass ships which will still work as the cutlass will take out the rippers while the PM take out the cutlass and the other 2 big ships in the salvage.

Now here is a way to capture a lvl6 salvage without taking any damage by using only on levi.
For this you will need levi with all peacemkers, I recommend one of these.
If you don't want to take any damage then this is a key part of it, when sending your fleet to attack send them from the South West or else it wont work. I always send my fleet to this point next to the salvage then from there I attack it.

As soon as the battle start you should turn your levi around to face towards the SW corner and wait until the peacemakers fire. When they do send your levi to the SW corner and all you have to do now is wait.

Thats about it so here is what should happen after your fleet starts moving towards the SW corner:
Peacemakers don't track ships so will miss the closest ones mosy of the time but these will hit the ships behind the front ship which will be the first to get destroyed.

After those back 3 ships are destroyed the other 2 will continue to close in while the one at the front might not get hit much, the one behind it will and it will soon sink.

Now there is only one ship left and it looks like you wont be able to kill it before it gets too close but as I have noticed, the closer the 2 ships are together it is less likely that the incoming ripper ship will dodge the peacemaker shell. Even then there is still a small chance of it get close enough to fire but that is very rare when you controll your levi well.

Enjoy your victory without needing to repair and remember to have another fleet near to take the resources as one levi can't hold it all.

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