Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Dominate using Cheat Engine

There was a code written for your engine using a hex key to speed up your resource gain by 45 seconds to the second.. the steps to take were as follows.Follow the steps below: 

Open the Game Battle Pirates 
Open cheat engine 
Click on the computer up-left, and in the windows that appears, Click on the last chrome.exe. Then, click on "enable speedhack", and if an error appears, select other chrome.exe of the windows. else, keep going 
Change 4 bytes to "Array of Bytes" 
Click on "Scan Read Only Memory" 
Put this Cheat Codes in the HEX field: 74 27 8B 45 E8 8B 50 08 8B 8A 3C 02 00 00 
Click on First Scan 
On the Left Side, Right click on the result that appears, and put "Dissasemble this Address" 
Change the first "je" that appears to "jg" 
Then Enjoy the Game! 

the cheat worked great and then there was an update to the game and it no longer works.. I was wondering if anybody could update the hex key or give guidance on how it works so maybe i could figure it out myself. If you could post here instructions or pm me the new code i would appreciate it, i will compensate your time accordingly. Also if you play this game and know how it works could there be a speed hack that speeds up the upgrading process too?

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