Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Splash Damage, what it means on Defense

Splash damage, is when an explosive round damages the other buildings (or ships), other then what was targeted. What this means is that when a building is next to a wall, and the wall received damage, then so does the building.

It’s because of splash damage, that we want to move our buildings and turrets slightly away from the walls, and slightly away from each other. In defense, this means placing walls to hide your guns, possibly 1-2 rows of them, slightly divided, for maximum damage deflection.

When you are dealing with limited space, this is a bit difficult to work with, and you might be forced to have your walls next to each other. However, whenever possible it’s best to not surround buildings with walls, unless there is space between them. As well as not to have walls around turrets, but rather to block in incoming attack, and move the turret slightly away from them, offsetting the turret from the wall. This will make the base a little less uniform, but provide better defense.

While the picture below doesn’t show exactly how the placement of the walls should also be separated, it does show a better placement of the turrets, to avoid splash damage.

TIP: Walls do not need to be uniform on one side, to offer the best protection. If some walls are sideways and some are the other way, they will still present a uniform defense.

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