Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Rethinking Strategies, base design & defense

Last night, after talking with a friend, I decided to change a few of my strategies including base design, tactics, and general layout. I think for the most part, I found a winner.
First off, I now guard my base. I put up 4 fleets outside my base, all are armed to the teeth, so-to-speak. I do this, because if I don’t someone will just farm the base, without much thought about it. But when they attack, and their ships are severely damaged, or it takes 10+ minutes to get to me, and the entire attack, takes several hours, there is a good chance they will think again about attacking me.
Next I have re-thought my base design. I know the outpost takes forever to repair, but it’s because of the longer bubble of protection I get, that I put it on the outskirts of the base.
My base, now has a single entrance, so that ships need to go around my base, and into my “moat” and past my battery of weapons, to attack my warehouses. The weapons are inset a bit, to make it so they can’t attack from afar, having to come into weapon range to hit me.
I still have my walls dividing my warehouses, but only for splash damage, should my enemy actually get through. Rear walls aren’t necessary, since if they take out my weapons batteries, then walls wouldn’t help my warehouses that much more.
Oil rigs, still block the entrance. This is only meant to slow my attacker.
My mines, I have split up, so that if my enemy attacks them, he has to go around the entire base to wipe them all. This is so that I will have some resources (hopefully) afterwards, to start fixing my fleets. I don’t want all my metal mines in one spot to this end.
My outpost does have some walls around the edge. This is meant to forestall an attack on the outpost, take more time for the attacker.
I have also put in extra walls near the way facing an incoming ship, near my guns.
As you can see, I have been able to achieve a decent base design. This is based on all the land, walls, and turrets available to a level 3 outpost. There are a couple weak spots (not too weak), that I will reinforce, when I have more land.

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