Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Attacking enemy bases, where it hurts the most

As you get higher in level, you will notice that as you attack the enemy, they have Bombard Rockets, to defend against mortar rounds. You will also start to notice that other then this, they will usually have mortars and rockets but what they don’t have is Flac Guns. This is where we can attack them where it hurts the most.

Flac guns actually protect against missle attacks, but most people attack with mortars, making missiles obsolete in attacks and in turn Flac Guns obsolete, and thus rarely used for base defense. So what you might consider doing is making an all missile attack fleet, maybe Cutlass missiles with laser targetting and hardened barrels (range extension). This in turn will allow you to wipe out their defences, since that won’t actually be able to defend against this kind of attack. 

Keep in mind you don’t want to send this fleet in to attack an enemy base first, unless it’s to scout. If the enemy defends his base with Flac guns, then just send in your mortar fleet. If they don’t have any flac guns, then it would be safe to send in this all missile fleet. Just remember though, they DO need to have high armor, in case getting close also allows the base to attack them in turn – though with the Hardened Barrels (range extension) this might not be necessary depending on the range extension.

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