Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Revenge!

I really want to thank Varlin, for leaving me with the opportunity to get revenge for attacking my base. You see Varlin is an opportunist, who has never managed to breach my inner sanctum, but he keeps trying. It’s kind of like a candy store, he goes to look in the windows, but has yet to actually buy anything. Yesterday, he attacked again, and the only way he managed to do any damage to the warehouses, was to use a rocket on my base.

And then he did something he has done in the past, which I didn’t take the opportunity to f*** him up, till now. He Bubbled his base, and then he left his fleets out, for when the bubble goes down. 

Now to set the scene, it’s not just my base he attacks, in fact he attacks many other person’s out and around my sector. Varlin isn’t from my sector, so telling him he shouldn’t attack us, since we work together at times, wouldn’t work. Being that he’s in another sector makes it so we can’t tell him anything.

TIP: Don’t leave your fleets out, to protect your base, when your bubble goes down. If you want to leave something, leave a Mercenary Fleet behind instead. 

So this time, when his fleets were left out (BBs and Marauders), I took them out. In fact, I took out 5 of his fleets, with 6 of mine. It meant that I would have a longer repair time then him, but this is a necessary evil. You see I want Varlin to understand that attacking my base has consequences.

Sure, I could probably wait for his bubble to go down too, so that I could attack him, but I was tired and needed some sleep. So instead, I shared the information with others. I told them that I had taken out all the fleets, and that when his bubble dropped, he would be open for attack. I shared it with people in my zone, I shared it with people who are my allies.

TIP: Just because the guy you attack over and over doesn’t attack back, doesn’t mean he can’t. It simply means he doesn’t want to bother with you. However it doesn’t mean he won’t attack if you keep buzzing him like an annoying bee. If at first you don’t succeed, don’t keep trying, just let it bee.

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