Saturday, 21 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Game Tips & Tricks

1. Don't crap in your own backyard, common sense eh?
- Some players insist on attacking in sector, farm them daily till they quit or relocate
2. Players who use foul language, racist remarks, sexist remarks them to Kixeye
3. Players you know who are cheating by using scripts or hacks, report them to Kixeye
4a. Help your neighbors and they will help you
4b. Ignore your neighbors call for help and you can expect them to ignore yours
5. Attack enemy sector fleets left on mines
6. Attack enemy sector fleets left out to Guard a base
7. Outpost Level 5 grants you 85 Land Squares and 14 Turrets, get OP5 as soon you hit Lv24, not later
8. Minimum Base Defense: Turrets, Sentinals, Victory Mortars, Howizter and Walls to be Level 3, not less.
9. Upgrade Docks before you Research a new ship Hull
10. Draconian Weapons are better! Get as many Blueprints for them as you can
11. Build each ship for a specific purpose, a multi task ship is pretty much useless.
12. Build each Fleet for a specific purpose - fill it with ships designed for that purpose
13. Do not be in a rush to level up quickly, to do so puts YOU in range of players much more powerful than you
14. Do send all of your Facebook friends who play, Mercenary Fleet and Resources every day
15. When your fleet is finished mining; Release the mine so others or yourself can recapture it easy
16. IF by accident you are in a Ship Battle with a friend - Go to opposite corners and wait for battle to time out
17. Decide how you will play! 
a. Build a decent Base to protect what you have - AFTERWARD work on building decent ships and fleets 
- - Your main concern will be to lay low and work on Base Defenses 
- - Do help out by answering calls for help in sector 
b. Build ships and fleets to be a terror on the seas - a strong offense to plunder the enemy sectors 
- - When you attack the enemy, the enemy will take notice of you - expect to be attacked, often 
- - Strong Offense usually means your base defense will be weak
18. Terminology 
- use North and South to indicate which enemy sector, many players get confused when you talk numbers
19. Each sector is 600x600 - the sector to the north and south of yours, is your natural enemy
20. Be clear and concise in Comms
- "I am under attack" or just posting a coordinate not good
- "My base/ship located at xxxxxx,xxx is under attack" ...much better and friends can respond more quickly
- When a friendly Base or Fleet is under attack by enemy sectors - STOP all chit chat not related to HELPING
- - many times a call for help gets LOST because players are too busy chit chatting
21. Fight your own battles:
- do not expect higher level player to keep covering your backside every time you attack high level players
- Try to select your enemies within a reasonable range of your capabilities
22. It is OK to join a group or alliance - just DO NOT be so fast to friend everyone !!
23. Submarines do not have to be full health to be useful
24. Leave your fleets to mine when you log out - don't expect them to still be there when you return
25. Due to massive spying - when you un-friend someone - Be SURE to CHANGE your Base design!

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