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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Scrapping and refitting Weapons and Special upgrades

Scrapping destroys the Ship and returns approx 1/4 to 1/3 of the building costs.
You cannot refit a Gunboat, Skirmisher, Longboat, or Maurader. However, it can be performed on larger hulls (Predator Submarine and higher.

The Dock must not be upgrading or doing other work in order to refit or scrap.

Refit or Scrap a ship.
Reuse the ship hull for another purpose
Upgrade or change weapons, armor, or special attributes

How to Scrap/refit ships Edit

Only ships that are in a fleet can be scrapped or refitted and to be refitted they must be fully repaired.
Go to the dock
Select the ship that you want to scrap or refit
Double click on the ship and the ship information will show
At the bottom of that screen, there is a scrap and a refit button
If you press "scrap", the scrap warning will show the value to be returned
If you press "refit", it will show a "refit mode". Do whatever you want and it will show you the cost of refit.

Note: Only Predator Submarines and above can be refitted. Gunships, Skirmishers, Longships, and Mauraders can only be scrapped.

Cost and time needed to refit Edit

Removing weapons, special attributes, or armor does not give back the building cost and incurs time loss.
Replacing old weapons, armors, etc. is like adding a new one
Adding new weapons, armors, etc cost time and resources

My ship cannot fit in my fleet due to extra weight Edit

The solution is very simple, refit again and weight it carefully, making sure the new ships is within weight limits.
Another solution is to upgrade the Dock, which will increase fleet weight
You could also transfer the ship to a different fleet or remove another ship to make room for the new ship.

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