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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Game Introduction

Before I get started this is a war game so don’t complain about getting attacked but if you are thinking about it go and look at the alliances and tips and tricks sections. This is meant to be a guide that covers everything to do with Battle Pirates (or BP for short), if there is anything that I haven’t covered then please tell me and I will try and add it. Also tell me if there is anything I need to correct. I have gotten bored with making this so I’m just going to post what I have, I might not finish the rest of it as recently I don’t have the time, if you want to help out by adding your own bit then just say it or PM me with what you want to add.
The game description “Battle Pirates is set in the year 2067 and Earth is covered in water. Due to a terrorist-sparked world war, only a small amount of Earth's original landmass remains. With a 95% extinction level, the only remaining survivors are split into two factions: the Foresaken, impoverished survivors who rely on engineering hacks, guerilla warfare and piracy, and the oppressive Draconian Empire, the once elite citizens who've now become a giant military complex.”

Early game play
At the start of the game you will be given 7 days of Damage Protection (or DP). This should never be wasted as there will always be someone who is a higher lvl than you just waiting to attack you as soon as your DP has gone. Use this first 7 days worth of protection to help get a head start on the others by upgrading and building as much as you can.
Day 1-3: For the first 2-3 days just focus on buildings, upgrade as much as you can to as high a lvl as you can with resource gathers (RGs) as your main target.
Day 4-5: For the next few days switch your focus to research and aim for marauders and high damage weapons (see weapon table below). These weapons should work well against the Draconians that control all the mines and salvages but not for the long term game play. Try to mine as much as you can from the lvl 1-5 mines so you have enough resources for all your upgrades and research.
Day 6-7: For the last few days of the DP, work to create a hard to attack base so again switching your focus to building and upgrading your defences. Also try to make a good layout for your base.
Try to get as many tier 1 blue prints as you can from attacking mines of a fleet level (lvl) higher than lvl16.

Mid game play
The mid game starts from either when you start attacking other people’s bases for resources or unlock battle barges (or BB). This is where you get the chance to get ahead of the other players or if already ahead, to extend your lead by gaining more than your enemies. To make things a little easier to do this you can try and find others of a similar lvl as you so you can then work together (as an alliance) to achieve this target more easily. It will also mean that if anyone stands in your way then they won’t be much of a threat against your combined forces and usually makes the game more fun to play. You should then go and attack other people’s bases as it’s a much easier way to gain resources and it only takes one fleet only one attack to gain you a few mil of each resource which would have taken hours of mining or salvage hunting to gain. Now you will have the resources needed to get ahead of the others. Aim for long range weapons or speed (engine upgrades) such as the peacemaker mortars or cutlass missiles. Start building ships for mainly base attacking which mortars as your main weapon. But depending on the base other weapons like rippers might also be useful. A little warning, having all mortars isn't good fleet fleet battles so feel free to put in a few cutlass or hydras on the fleet just in case you end up in a fleet battle. Instead of this you could go round the map raiding other people’s mining fleets, let them mine for you so you don't have to wait hours on the mines and collect their resources by destroying their fleets when they are almost full. For this kind of fleet combat, the enemy will most of the time be offline so for this make a fleet with mortars and missiles or close range weapons depending on the enemy fleet and your favorite battle strategy. If you don’t want to attack others and would like to play in peace then use a good mortar and missile ship to raid salvages quickly and easily and if done right, without taking damage as well. RGs from this point will start to become useless as you will be gaining enough from your attacks to upgrade repair and build everything. Near the end of this you should be finishing the last few tier 2 specials and most of the forsaken weapons. You should have a good amount of blue prints both with Tier 1 completed and most of Tier 2 blue prints found.

Late game play (end game)
The late game or “end game” is near the time when there isn’t much left to do in general and it’s mainly when most people have unlocked Floating Fortresses (FF) or Hammerheads (HH) and have full fleets of them. At this point some players would have stopped playing for long enough for them to get replaced by new people. Also the top players will end up at this point having maxed out fleets and bases that are extremely hard to destroy. The only thing left to do is to finish off the last few upgrades you haven’t already done and just spend your time building up all your fleets to big FF/HH fleets and specialized seawolfs while collecting the last of the blue prints, which will drag on for a long time. For the most part it will have become for most people boring, so most will start moving sectors if not already done so just to find new challenges and fun.

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