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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Resources Guide: Oil, Metal, Energy, Zynthium, Coins

Resources play a major role in Battle Pirates, as they are used in nearly every aspect of gameplay. There are four main resources (Oil, Metal, Energy, and Zynthium) and one bonus resource (Coins).


Oil is the most common resources, Oil Rig and therefore the least valuable. Oil is used most prominently in the research and construction of hulls and the upgrading of buildings , but is also used otherwise. Oil is quickly produced by Oil Rigs at your base and by oil wells which can be commonly found at any level on the Map. Capturing an oil well gives your Oil Rigs an extra production bonus and can give you captured oil.

LevelMatal CostEnergy CostTimeRequirementsProduction/HourCapacity
142528320sOutpost 12.1607,920
21,2637082minOutpost 12,64014,080
32,6561,7715minOutpost 23,60025,200
46,6414,4271hrOutpost 25,04043,680
516,60211,0682hrOutpost 36,960
641,50427,6695hrOutpost 39,360112,320
7103,76069,17312hrOutpost 412,240167,280


Metal is the second rarest resource to Zynthium, and has a wide variety of applications. It is prominently used in upgrading buildings and researching weapons and armor , but has many more applications. Metal deposits are often contested for because of both the rarity of the mineral, and the many applications it has.

LevelOil CostEnergy CostTimeRequirementsProduction/HourCapacity
128342520sOutpost 12,4008,800
27081,0632minsOutpost 12,88015,360
31,7712,6565minsOutpost 23,84026,880
44,4276,6411hrOutpost 25,28045,160
511,06816,6022hrOutpost 37,20074,400
627,66941,5045hrOutpost 39,600115,560
769,173103,76012hrOutpost 412,480170,560
8129,933259,3991dayOutpost 415,840242,880


Energy is the second most common resource to Oil. Energy is often used in great amounts, and sees a wide array of applications. Wind Turbines generate Energy, and are tied with Oil Rigs for the highest resource production rate.

LevelOil CostMetal CostTimeRequirementsProduction/hourCapacity
142528320sOutpost 12,6409,680
27087082 minOutpost 13,12016,640
31,7711,7715 minOutpost 24,08028,560
46,6414,4271 hrOutpost 25,52047,840
516,60211,0682 hrOutpost 37,44076,880
641,50427,6695 hrOutpost 39,840118,080
7103,76069,17312 hrOutpost 412,720172,840


Zynthium is the rarest of all resources in Battle Pirates, meriting the small requirements building, upgrading, or researching has for it. In the original alpha version of Battle Pirates, Zynthium was called 'Platinum', but was renamed by Paul prior to the public beta being released. On the Map, Zynthium deposits are fairly rare and generally appear at high levels only around Draconian Bases. Smaller Zynthium deposits occur at aroundthe same frequency as Oil Wells, Wind Turbines, and Metal Deposits.

LevelOil CostMetal CostEnery CostTimeRequirementHourCapacity
142528328320sOutpost 12,1607,920
21,637087082mOutpost 12,64013,440
32,6561,7711,7715mOutpost 23,3602,680
46,6414,4274,4271hrOutpost 24,32037,440
516,6211,06811,0682hrOutpost 35,75059,520
641,50427,17327,1735hrOutpost 37,68090,720
7103,76069,17369,17312hrOutpost 49,840132,840
8259,399172,933172,9331dOutpost 412,240187,680


Coins can be used to finish building, researching, upgrading, and repairing, as well as filling up resource levels. Normal players start with 1,200 coins, but alpha testers start with 2,000 coins as thanks for their hard work. Although no method of getting more coins has yet been revealed, it is expected that a system similar to the one in Backyard Monsters will be implemented. Whether or not free coins (to parallel free Shiny) will be added and in what manner is still questionable.

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