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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Salvage and Mines

At the start it will be best to mine for resources as you won’t have a good enough fleet to attack other players or salvages above lvl 4, mines have weaker guard fleets compared to the same lvl salvage so will be easier to take them and you will be able to keep it for a few hours and mine from it. It also gives you the benefit of choosing what resource you want instead of getting a mix from a salvage or another player. You will gain a small amount of resources when first taking the mine, but then you will have to mine for more. The mining rate depends on the lvl of the mine so the higher lvl mines give more over a set amount of time. Here are the mines with the amount of resources you gain from attacking them, the drac fleet guarding them and the mining rate.

I haven’t included the lvl10 mine in that pic as they are extremely rare for the oil, metal and energy ones as you might not even have one per sector. But there are a fair amount of the lvl10 Zynthium mines.

After a while mining will start to take hours to fill up a fleet, even on the higher lvl mines so it might be best to move on to some other source of resources. Although salvages have bigger and better guard fleets, capturing salvages is one of the easiest ways of getting loads of resources without taking much if any damage.
Here is a pic of every salvage from lvl1-9 with the fleet guarding it and the resources that you will gain from it.

As I said before, its easy to take over a salvage without taking damage as shown in this video:

Thanks to TheGreatestEver for the video.
Although drac fleets have changed a bit since that video was made, it should still be the same and just as easy to defeat the lvl4&5 salvages and hopefully the lvl6 as well.
Finally here is a little extra info on salvages.

In the table when it says 'near', the salvage doesn't always appear right next to the base that affects the lvl of the salvage and sometimes appears much closer to a different base making it seem that for example a lvl9 salvage spawned next to a lvl15 player.

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