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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Base Building

It’s never going to be impossible to crack open someone base, but you should try and make it as hard as can so that people will go after the easier targets.
All bases should have:
Good tower coverage where most of the defence platforms can protect each other.
Impossible to get to the warehouses, outpost and any other important building without having to get past all the defences first.
Defences spread out enough to avoid splash damage.

So far the best base layout that included all these is the spiral but with the latest changes in weapon range changes and that islands are now allowed, there are many other types of bases slowly appearing.

Basic base building instructions.
To build the base, first start by making an island in the middle and place your warehouses and outpost on it while leaving a space or two for labs. You could also place the defences on it and other buildings if there is any room left (do that last). Now leave a gap of 4 water squares around the island and dock and use the rest of the land to make a ring around it (it doesn’t have to be 4 squares at the corners). You will have to leave an entrance so not to create a “lake”, place all your defences at this entrance to protect it as the only way the attacker can get to your warehouses is by getting past this point. The more defences that cover the entrance and be able to fire at the incoming fleet at the same time (CF) the better. You might want to leave gaps between the defences to stop the splash damage of mortars and then fill the gaps with walls to also protect against Siege cannons. Never make all the defenses the same weapon as if they are all sentinel missiles then the attacker can just use a reactive armor fleet and walk over your base while similar things with other base weapons. Now it’s time to place the rest of the buildings, so put the RGs near the entrance as a “meat shield” to help trigger DP sooner. Then place the other buildings anywhere on the outer ring of land. That is how to make a good base but there are other kinds of bases and other little tricks to add to them, which is all up to you and the main part is trial and improvement.

Advance base building tips and ideas.
There are 3 kinds are base attacking fleets that have their strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind the weaknesses when making a base to defend and counter against that kind of fleet. Although you might wish for it, it's almost impossible to make a base to counter all 3 fleets at once. No base is impossible to destroy.

Siege cannon.
Siege cannon fleets are usually blitzing fleets as they are very deadly when they get up close doing a great amount of damage in short time. They are ballistic type weapons with a short range, even with HB3 to increase it. The S-type Siege cannon also has splash, so even if the shot misses (accuracy of 40%) it will still do damage.
Advantages Weaknesses
Usually put on fast ships to get past the defenses quickly, they are able to dodge victory mortars because of the speed.
High damage. Turrets left exposed without walls to protect them are easy to destroy targets.
Double layers of walls stop them from killing a turret in one shot and keep the turret alive longer to carry on hitting the ships.
Short range allowing howitzers to out range them killing them fast. Usually about 4 or more howitzers will stop them.
Siege mortar.
Siege mortars are heavy so you often find you will only fit one onto a ship and having the rest of the weapons as a mix between Hailstorms and Shockwave mortars. The S-type Siege mortar with High Explosive Shells lvl3 (HES3) has such a huge splash range that can damage multiple defenses at once.
Advantages Weaknesses
It's huge splash and damage means that grouped up defenses fall very quickly.
The Hailstorms which are commonly used with Siege mortars take out almost all Victory mortar shells making them of useless useless.
Spread out defenses to reduce damage done by the splash. Note: Fill the gaps with walls to protect against Siege cannons.
Victory mortars force them to be used with Hailstorms. The more Hailstorms on the fleet, the less mortars which will do you damage.
Bombard turrets are useful for reducing the incoming Siege mortar shells.
Siege missiles.
Siege missiles aren't good on their own unlike Siege mortars and Siege Cannons, they require to be used with Solid Fuel Boosters lvl3 (SFB3) or else they will be out-ranged be Howitzers. The high weight of them means you are limited to around 12 Siege missiles, which is still enough to quickly kill off a single turret. You can fill the other weapons slots with Hailstorms (B-type) to protect against Victory mortars. The result is you are able to snipe off a turret from range within seconds and then quickly moving onto the next one.
Advantages Weaknesses
With the amount of Hailstorms on the fleet, Victory mortars are useless.
Howitzers can be sniped at range so don't get a chance to fire. Although the Howitzers do have to be taken from range so takes time.
Missiles can be shot down in mid air by Flaks. The effectiveness of Flaks are still unknown.
An excessive amount of Flaks and Howitzers used in combination should in theory delay this kind of attack long enough so they never reach the warehouses.

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