Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Boost your Production

Imagine increasing your Zynthium output by an extra 80% (or more). If you’ve got mines in your base, then this will help you to increase the output of those mines. 

Whenever you take an external mine, even just to attack it and release it for it’s resources, on the initial attack, you gain a small boost to your mining output. The percentage depends on the level of the mine, it’s 5% per level. So if you take a level 3 mine then the boost to your production would be 15%. A level 7 would be 35%. The great thing about these bonuses, is that they add up. So if you have 3 Oil rigs, each level 4, then you would get a 60% boost to your Oil production (4*3*5%).

So take all those mines near you, even if they are only level 1-3, and even if you don’t sit on them and mine them. Do NOT release them, until you are planning to be afk for 6-8 hours.

TIP:  If you have extra fleets sitting around, leave one near each Draconian base near you, to take those extra mines. Check on them every 20 minutes or so.

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