Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - When overwhelmed, play possum

You’ve been attacked, your base is wiped out, it will take days to repair your fleets, days which you don’t want to wait for, so you pay to repair faster, you pay to get your ships back in action, and you start farming again. Then a couple days later, the bubble goes down, and you are wiped again. Your fleets completely destroyed again! So, you move your base. Thats obviously the next move, but it keeps happening. This is where a new trick is needed. We need to Play Possum.

Note: If you have a friend who is willing to help you get a 2-day bubble, then this isn’t really necessary.

Playing Possum, is one of the eldest tricks in the book. It’s hard to actually do, because it means you have to play dead, and playing dead means not playing. This is a trick, which will make your enemies think you are done playing, when in fact you aren’t.

I like to still log in each day, see who has attacked me, send out my gifts of merc fleets and supplies. Know that my friends are still sending me them in return. After all, they stack till you are ready to get them.

WARNING: Grabbing one resource gift, grabs them all. So if you have 3 gifts or even 15, grabbing 1 resource, will automatically grab them all. Don’t grab them till you need them.

The trick we are now going for, is to simply wait out the attacks, without building anything back up. This might take a week, this might take two. The key we are looking for, is to simply wait for the attacks to stop for 2-3 days in a row by anything which would normally wipe us out. We can know what this is, by checking the battle logs, and seeing what in fact, did wipe us out.

Once the time period has ended, we can then go in and start building our defenses back up. Recommended builds: upgrade Outpost, Fortify oil rigs (defense 4 or higher), and learn Depleted Uranium 3, to then apply towards increased wall/turret defenses.

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