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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - FAQ

Q: What is damage protection and how do you get it?
A: Damage protection (or DP) is a set amount of time for which your base can't get attacked. At the start of the game you are given 7 days of DP, but apart from that it is only given to you when your base is attacked. If the attacker does more than 25% damage to your base then you get 18 hours of DP.
If the attacker does more than 50% damage to your base then you get 36 hours of DP.
If you are attacked 4 time in one hour by the same player then you will get 1 hour of DP.
If you are attacked 10 times in 24 hours then you will be given 48 hours of DP. Please note that it doesn't have to be the same person just as long as its 10 attacks in total.

Q: What are sectors?
A: A sector is an area of the map which is 600x600 coords, it is what determines what sector chat you are in. There are 100 sectors in each “world shard” which is basically 100 sectors per server.

Q: Can I change which sector I'm in? Can I move my base?
A: Yes, by going to your OP (Outpost) you can select to relocate button. Moving near a friend will place you in the same quarter of the sector as they are but not always as close to them as you wanted.

Q: There is someone with multiple accounts ruining the game for me!
A: Are you sure it is the same person? As far as we are currently aware, a few players have joined together to create an alliance. Maybe asking them on the chat about it might help or just have a look at this thread: Player with multiple accounts ruining my game!

Q: What is an alliance/clan and how do I make one?
A: An alliance/clan is a group of people who have joined forces to work together in peace. Look at the alliance section to see how to make one. 

Q: How do I get blue prints?
A: Each time you attack a lvl16 or higher drac fleet you get about 2-3% chance of gaining a blue print. Please note that lvl16+ drac fleets are found in lvl4+ salvages and lvl6+ mines.

Q: How do I get the Hammer Head hull?
A: The hammer head was giving out as a prize to the winners of the revenge raid event. I don't think there is another way to get it or if there will even be another event like that again.

Q: What does OP5 mean?
A: It stands for outpost and then the lvl it is. Each outpost lvl gives you a different amount of land and defences so at higher lvls it is easier to make a good base so putting OP5 in a way just shows people what to expect.

Q: How much loot is given from a ware house and from an outpost?
A: Each warehouse gives 10% of the resources that they are currently holding and the outpost will give 20%. 

Q: How do you post a picture of your base?
A: Just follow the easy steps in this guide --> How to post an image of your BP Outpost

Q: Do fortifications add health or change the DP activation?
A: "Fortifications do not add health to your base and so do not affect Damage Protection activation." said by Paul Preece. All it does is decrease the amount of damage done against it. So for example 50% protection will half the damage that building takes making it take twices as long to destroy.

Q: How rare are blue prints?
A: The chance of getting one is very low, its about 2-3% so its possible to go through 100+ battles without getting a single one. If you get 2 or even 3 in a row then consider yourself lucky.

Q: What is the repair rate?
A: The 'normal' repair rate is 1 armor point per second but can be increased with an officer by 10% to 1.1 armor point per second. Subs repair at 1/4 of the normal repair rate. If you have any other repair rate them it is a bug and should be reported even if its a fast one.

Q: I purchased an item in game with facebook credits but didn't receive my purchase, what can I do?
A: Just follow the simple steps found here: Missing In-Game Purchases

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