Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE

It became horribly clear last night, when Varlin attacked my base, that some upgrades were in order. He managed to loot from me a record 20k oil (record for him anyways), damage 31% of my buildings, and extend my build time of my ship building by an additional 2.5 hours. He also extended my upgrade of my dock, by about 5 hours. Yes, Varlin hurt me bad!

So it’s time to upgrade. The first thing I did, was re-arrange my base a little bit. I moved some things around and made it so that my 8 turrets are all clumped together. While having 3 cover my base on the other side would help if they broke through – which he did, it didnt really allow me to optimize my turrets to cover my other turrets. By this, I mean anti-missile and anti-mortar defenses. So now, they are all next to each other – with some walls in-between to prevent splash damage of course. I also put some double walls up, in some areas. This will help protect against shots coming in, as well as give additional splash protection.

It was about this time that I also noticed my gun turrets weren’t quite upgraded. in fact I only had one which was upgraded. So I have spent some time upgrading them all, to be able to take more damage. Sadly, I also realized that while my tech has advanced, my guns also needed upgrading. Luckily, I have 7 more hours left on my bubble.

To get an idea on what each turret looks like, refer to this…

  • Howitzer Cannons, which shoot fast but have a short range,
  • Sentinel Missiles, which shoot slow but far,
  • Victory Mortars, which shoot slower and farther but can’t hit anything short-range,
  • Flak Guns, which shoot down Missiles and Rockets from ships – but not cannons or mortars, and
  • Bombard Rockets, which shoot down Mortars.

While I don’t yet have Victory Mortars, I think i have covered my base a bit better this time. More upgrades will come as I get more tech – really need to upgrade them walls!
… and no, I am not going to suddenly put ships on my defense. This simply wastes resources, as all the enemy has to do is take out the fleet while you are afk. Maybe if they made it auto-repair after a battle, but otherwise seems pointless.

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