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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Defence Weapons Guide

These are the weapons you can place on your defence platforms to defend your base against attacks by other players.
Howitzer Cannon
Mid-range, large caliber, anti ship ballistic cannon. Howitzer's are ballistic base anti-ship weapons that fire at a fast rate. Their are four levels of howitzer's level has higher damage and range than the last.

Howitzer Cannon Stats

Howitzer CannonLevel ILevel IILevel IIILevel IV
Reload Time2.0s1.5s1.0s0.75s
D * A / RT18.949.1142.1339.4
Research Time-1h 31m13h 46m5d 3h 55m
Research Requirements
Weapon Lab 4
Howitzer II
Weapon Lab 6
Howitzer II
Howitzer III
Research Oil-132,1921,189,72810,707,552
Research Metal-275,4002,478,60022,307,400
Research Energy-308,4482,776,03224,984,288
Research Zynthium-330,4802,974,32026,768,880
Build Time20s9m 0s
Build Oil2,44844,064
Build Metal5,10091,800
Build Energy5,712102,816
Build Zylithium6,120110,160

D * A / RT = Damage per second

Sentinel Missiles
Long-range, heat seaking missiles.

Sentinel Missile Stats

Sentinel MissileLevel ILevel IILevel IIILevel IV
Reload Time5.0s5.0s5.0s5.0s
D * A / RT19.241.285.2171
Research Time10d, 13h 7m
Research RequirementsWeapons Lab 6Weapons Lab 8
Research Oil18,225,000
Research Metal20,047,500
Research Energy20,047,500
Research Zynthium22,781,250
Build Time40s18m2h 48m
Build Oil2,44875,000675,000
Build Metal5,10041,250371,250
Build Energy5,71241,250371,250
Build Zylithium6,12046,875431,875

D * A / RT = Damage per second

Flak Gun
Anti-missile defense cannon used to shoot down missile barrages fired by enemy ships.

Bombard Rockets
Anti-mortar defense cannon used to shoot down mortar shells from enemy ships.

Victory Mortar
Powerful long-ranged mortar. Excellent for destroying large armadas.

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