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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Player Bubble Tricks

Player Bubble Tricks

Tactic 1 

If two or more friendly players "attack" and then "retreat" each others bases without doing any damage to each other, after a certain number of attacks you will get a player protection bubble, allowing you to be unharmed for a certain period of time. 

After attacking each other 4 times you will get a 1 hour bubble
After attacking each other 10 times you will get a 2 day bubble.
This doesn't require you to do any damage to each other, but there are two things you need to know to do it right. 

Only one person should attack at a time, then once you are out of the other players base, the friendly player attacks your base.. both retreating.
Only if you BOTH attack at the same time on the 10th attack, then you BOTH get the 2 day bubble.
If more than two people want to bubble each other, pick one to hit each person, doing them one at a time, and just moving to the next after the 10th attack on them. then on the last person they bubble, they have that person hit them at the same time on the 10th hit so everyone has a 2 day bubble. 
Also note this is why if you are attacking a base and you enter and leave to many times it will gain a protection bubble. 

Tactic 2 

Alternatively, you can get your friends to hit your base enough to trigger damage protection. 

25-50% damage/destruction of buildings will get you an 18 hour bubble
< 50% and or the destruction of the Outpost will get you a 1.5 day/1 day 12 hours bubble.

However this tactic will result in repair times and a loss of resources, thus making Tactic 1 a much better choice.

There are some people who believe that these tactics make you a coward and a weak player, i believe that if a strategy can be used to your advantage then why not use it? Ignore the ego of others and follow the play style you want to play.

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