Saturday, 21 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Gameplay Tips

Tip#1:  Use the Keyboard Arrow-keys to change between the ship selected during Battles, to change between which ship you are controlling faster and helps to move the ships together.

Tip#2:  When attacking a Base with double layered walls with Sentinels Level 1 to 3, use Peacemaker missiles and position your ships directly in-line with the corner of the walls far away, and then target the corner piece on the second wall out. You will slowly destroy the turrets without letting them get in range of your ships, so will take no damage. Unfortunately this doesn't work for Sentinels Level 4.

Tip#3:  To hide a ship under a base, drac mine or drac base, first bookmark the place, then while your ship is moving directly through it, click the bookmark, then click move here.

Tip #4:  To double bubble a friend, so you are both protected from attacks, move ships a little distance away from each others bases and attack the bases at the same time with 1 gunboat, you will both be in base battle screens. After the ship is destroyed or the base attack timer has ended you will both a protection bubble.

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