Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Slow Leveling Technique

There is a way, which will allow you to slow level, and build up your supplies, without someone attacking you. This technique is unique, because it uses tried and true methods… and a little bit of setup. I have been doing this for the last several weeks and can verify this does in fact work.First off, you are going to need the technology of Sea Wolfs and Stalker Subs. You are going to create a kick a$$ fleet which has 4 subs and one Sea Wolf, and have it guard your base. The best we can do on this is lvl 4 Torpedoes as well as Draconic D51-L Missiles on the subs.

Once you get one fleet in place, you are going to make another fleet, with all D51-L missiles, Enhanced Warheads, Laser Targeting, and Solid Fuel Boosters, with the best armor you can put on (steel 4 works well). This can be on anything from a Battle Barge on up. The Flagship should be another Sea Wolf. Have this one guard your base as well.

Now you are all set to slow level. People will attack you, but they are going to have a really hard time doing damage to your fleets. If they do get through, at first you aren’t going to have much in resources, making for a waste of time. Rebuild and start anew. If you get attacked, and repeatedly get attacked after setting up your defenses, don’t play for a few days to a week. Again, this will make people believe you have abandoned the leveling and farming.

You will now be building up your resources. To do this, you need to up your mines and warehouses. By this I mean your Zynthium Refinery, Metal Foundry, Oil Rig, and Wind Turbine. Level each of them to their max level. Level your warehouses at the same time. They should hit at least level 8 before you are done leveling your mines, and 9 or higher afterwards.

Remember, this is slow leveling, it’s also playing possum. When people don’t see you going after mines, or going after reource fleets, or even completing objectives, they will think you are afk. The only ones who will know any different are the friends you log in and send gifts to. But even then, they aren’t going to be able to tell much about you either. You are going to login 1x to 2x a day max, collect your resources and build your base and resources up. This works more effectively at higher levels, since you have the resources to make sure you aren’t attacked, but are able to do something similar at lower levels as well. It does work… I have 44 unused merc fleets to prove it.

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