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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Fleets

As in all battles the ability to strike down the enemy before they can even fire at you can allow you to win, so range in this case is important. This is why most of the top players pick to use missiles, mortars or thuds with HB3 (Hardened Barrels) due to their long range.
It's best to know which weapon is the best weapon out of what you have unlocked so here is a table showing them all.

The Forsaken weapons. Credits to Kevin Kilfoil.

The Drac weapons.

Any of these weapons can give you the winning edge in a battle if used correctly or in combination with certain specials.
My personal advise would be that I would never make a ship with mixed weapons, as they will all have different ranges making the ship harder to control effectively. But a fleet can mixed weapons as long as you know what you are doing.

Before I move onto ship/fleet builds I know you might not be able to build or just look at it in the ship yard if you are currently building a ship. So if you are currently building a ship or don't have stuff unlocked then you can use the Offline Ship Builder made by Schmee to test out new builds to see how good they are. I'll also include code for each ship so that you can just copy and paste it into the ship builder instead of having to go and select everything one by one. 

There have been many updates since I first posted this guide and I have had to recreate this part of it time and time again with each update to the game. In the end it has caused me to stop updating it as I just can't keep up with the ever changing game. Thankfully changes to fleet builds have slowed down with the main focus of the updates being on bases. So I'll attempt to update this section of the guide one last time.


This is the most common tactic used. If your ships have a longer range than your enemy, then you can turn and keep out of your enemy's range while they are within yours and you can fire at them. That allows you to pick off their ships without them being able to do any damage to you. This was the old "one type beats all" method and is still very effective against ships that don't have either reactive armor or engines. Using this kind of method always works against salvages, mines and usually against low lvl players, allowing you to gain easy resources without taking any damage. Just take a look at the salvage part of the guide and the videos.
For this any missile (with SFB (Solid fuel booster)), thuds with HB3 or certain mortars (mainly shockwave A or assualt mortars) are the best weapons to use for this strategy. So here are the kind of ship builds to use:

Marauder Predator Battle Barge Leviathan Seawolf Floating Fortress
Weapons: Cutlass IIx3 Havok Torpedoes IVx2 Cutlass IIx3,
Cutlass IIIx1 Cutlass IIIx5 Assault missiles x2
Cutlass IIx3
Specials: Engine
or SFB1
or SFB2 Highest lvl Engines
possible. Engines I or LT I
SFB1 or 2 LT II or Engine II
Engine II
Armor: Steel IIx1 None. Titanium IIIx2 Titanium IVx3 None
Stats: Armor:
300 (5min free repair)
36.4 DPS
35-72 80 (5mins free repair)
56.2 DPS
30-75 1482 (24m 42s repair)
53.1 DPS
35-79 or 35-86 4428
35-86 550
Ship build code: 422006262626101 50094946101 6333363626262610001 73434346363636363920001 800e3e362626293620001

FFs are just bad for any kind of fleet battles without using engine because of their slow speed, it means that people can catch up and get right next to them with short ranged ripper ships with ease. or stay well clear of them using cutlass and PM to destroy them from a far, for that reason a ff fleet purely for one type of combat will be weak and easy to destroy. So I won't show any designs for it except for in the mixed weapon section (still to come). 

Up close

Marauder Predator Battle Barge Leviathan Seawolf Floating Fortress
Stats: Armor:
Ship build code

Marauder, the classic ripper marauder first seen in this epic battle (click link), since then I have seen people have one in their own fleets which have been very effective in battles.
There are 3 versions of this kind of ship. For best armor use ripper IIx3 and DU IIIx2, this is a common one.
For more damage people have used DU IIx1, DU IIIx1, ripper IIx1 and ripper IIIx2 or that same armor with ripper IIx3 and auto-loader II.
Finally using the new specials there is a new one for better speed using DU IIIx1, ripper IIx3, then you can add either engine I with titanium III or engine II with titanium II. 

BB is slower than the marauder and from what I have seen will usually be shot down before it gets in range of a long ranged levi which is running away from it. For that reason either hardened barrels or engine is a must. For that reason I would like to suggest ripper IIIx4, DU IIIx2 with auto-loader II and engine I. It will be a little bit faster than a marauder with enough speed to catch up to a levi before being shot down. This is just a good all rounder one but could be changed to do more damage, faster or have more armor depending on taste.
It will be slightly faster than a marauder with only 300 more armor, the only really big difference is teh massive damage.

Levi is the first ship able to carry DU IV and also powerful weapons at the same time, you should always use the highest armor for short ranged ships so that they can last long enough to get in range so having DU IV is the biggest advantage the levi has over BBs and marauders. Since people first started making DU IV ripper levi ships it was obvious that it would be too slow to get up close to another levi running away before it was shot down, even with its high armor, but now with engine it can.
To start with I'll suggest using DU IVx3, ripper IIIx5 with auto-loader and most importantly engine II. With auto-loader II the ripper IIIs will do more damage than ripper IVs on their own.

Mixed range
These kind of ships are made to take out what ever is thrown at them and is a good all rounder ship able to fight off almost all enemies. They can destroy short range ships, even ones that manage to get up close as they can do a lot of damage using the long range weapons and then finish them off with its own short range. For that reason it is the best type for fighting against short ranged fleets.

FF isn't fast or good for fleet battles as if someone want to get close up they can easily do so and its the same for staying at a long distance as a ff is never going to catch up to much, even with engine II. So you need weapons that can fight off any kind of fleet.
To start with I haven't made any FFs for fleet battles but I have seen this in action, PM IVx2, cutlass IVx2 and Ripper IVx2 with DU IVx3 which does work very well against most things.

Base attackers
Destroying bases are one of the best ways to gain resources and fast. But usually it will creates a lot of repairs or might need a specially equiped ship to take out a certain base. But here are some of the more basic and over all really good base busters.

Description: It shreds most early bases with the ability to add an armor special so as the make it better against certain bases it is really the first of all base attackers even if only good for the first few low lvls. It is also one of the instant repair marauders allowing for quick repeated use, if needed the armor can be increased but would mean you can't use the 5min speed up. Thanks to Daniel Fryer for this ship build.
Build: Diplomat II x2 and a thud IV x1 with steel II x1. I would recommend adding reactive armor I or II.
Armor: 300
Damage: 78.66
Range: 0-76
Ship build code: 466aa400

Also if you think you have a better ship build or any suggestions (even just a slight change) then please post or PM to help improve this guide.

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