Saturday, 21 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - How to destroy draconian salvage guard with a small gunboat

Battle pirates is a growing popular Facebook games where you have to build ship and build a strong base. You can destory other opponents ships and base. 

In this article I will give you a trick to destroy draconian guards by a small gunboat. Yes you can destroy heavily armed draconian fleet just by a small gun boat! 

what is the benefit: If you fight a strong draconian fleet with your most powerful fleet , obviously you are going to get some damage to your pwerful ships. It takes a long time and resources to repair a strong fleet. So, if you can destroy a huge draconian fleet just by a gunboat then you can load all the resources to your bigger fleet without any damage.

How to do it:  Build a gunboat as the following: 

1) Put a Havoc torpadoes (under water weapon) and build the ship very quickly.

Now attack a level 5 salvage resources. When the draconian ships will come forward you should turn your gunboat right or left. You will notice that Gunboat is very fast and the havoc torpedoes has long range. You should keep the minimum range so that your gunboat can fire the havoc torpedoes and don't be too close so that the draconian ships can fire misile. You should move your gunboat like a circle and do damage to the draconian ships. This could take a long time , I recommend you to put some other normal ships in the fleet so that your gunboat does not need to do all the damage. 

In the same way you can build a predator submarine by installing , 1) Engine 1 (special slot)  2) 2 level 3 havoc torpadoes . Now attack the draconian fleets as I mentioned above. You can destory a draconian faster with a predator submarine without any damage. 

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