Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Blueprint Update The Streak-breaker

Welcome Captains! In this update I will be talking about the implementation of the new Blueprint Streak-breaker.

Blueprints contain plans for Draconian technology. There is a small chance that after successful combat against a Drac fleet the player will find a piece of a Blueprint. Smaller Blueprints are made from four pieces while larger ones require up to nine pieces. Blueprints are grouped into three tiers. Each Drac fleet will drop Blueprints from only one tier depending on their level. Once a player has four active Blueprints (eg Blueprints for which the player has at least one piece but has not yet collected all pieces) they will need to complete one of the four active Blueprints before a brand new Blueprint will drop. This four Blueprint 'window' works per tier. So the most Blueprints a player can have active at one time is twelve. The reason for the four Blueprint 'window' is to help the player to complete Blueprints in a reasonable amount of time. 

Blueprints drop completely randomly. This means that for most players they will get Blueprints regularly as they defeat Drac fleets. But it also means that for a small percentage of players they will essentially have 'bad' luck and receive few, if any, Blueprints. The Streak-Breaker has been added to remove 'bad' luck from the system.

The Streak-Breaker
We have modified the Blueprint drop system so that it records how many Blueprints and battles each player has accrued. This data is used to keep track of the 'luck' of the player. If a player experiences a period of 'bad' luck with no drops the Streak-Breaker will kick in and automatically award the player a drop at the end of their next successful battle. This ensures that players will gain Blueprints more evenly as they battle Drac fleets.

The Streak-Breaker is 'neutral' which means it also kicks in to stop periods of extreme 'good' luck and slows down Blueprint drops for players who have had many Blueprint pieces in quick succession. If the system were not neutral we would not be able to control the drop-rate.

Launch Date
The Blueprint Streak-Breaker is already live! We pushed it out over a week ago and have been monitoring it. We feel confident enough in it to now announce it to you, the players.

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